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Opening the Comm Up

Previously you could find this at sg_darkfic, but when I decided to change things around so that others could post, I remembered a little too late that I had originally created SG_Darkfic as a personal journal instead of an actual community (completely blaming aliens for that mistake). So I recreated it with a new name (had no choice on that really) and made sure to add the previous posts so I can continue to keep an accurate history.

So now that I've done that... I'm going to open this comm up to any member posting links to their favorite Stargate Darkfic, but I'd also like to announce that the comm will also accept links for Stargate Atlantis along with SG-1.

The point of this community is so that everyone that loves darkfic can have an index or archive they can check out when they're in the mood it.

Format for Posting:

Warning: (optional)
Reasons for linking it here: (optional)

I'm leaving 'warnings' as optional simply because of the nature of the fic linked here and will leave that up to the discretion of the poster.

Please make sure that you tag your posts with the author name, fandom, characters, etc. for those of us that like to hunt through tags for juicy fic.

Just to be clear: this community is not for the posting of fic. This is only a link archive.

(looks like I'll also need a new default icon now that we're going to have SGA join in the fun.)
Please Wake me (Cameron)

Issue #1 - May 23, 2008

Thank you to this week's contributors, their help gives our first post a lovely little boost: ivorygates, rydra_wong, and zats_clear

Crawl To Heaven On Golden Stairs by Ivory Gates
(Cam/Daniel - slash - explicit - NC17?)

The Colors of that Piece of Time by Ivory Gates
(Cam/Teal'c - just a tidge - PG-13)

Never Pay The Reaper With Love Only by Ivory Gates
(Cam/Dani - genderflip - kink implied - PG-13 for violence)

All Heads Turn When The Hunt Goes By by Ivory Gates

Under Every Green Tree by Rydra_Wong
(Sam/Ba'al, NC-17)

Close To Bone by Synecdochic
& To Let His Kingdom Rise by Ivory Gates
(Daniel/clone!Jack, not rated but I'd guess at R/NC-17, slash)

Palimpsest by Paian
(implied sex and sexual tension (m/m, m/f and f/f), not rated -- R?)

All We Need Of Hell by Surreallis
(Sam/Jack -- but I would wholeheartedly rec this to people who don't normally expect S/J to be their cup of tea. NC-17)

Diving To Drown by Tafkarfanfic
(het, rape, and maybe one of the most disturbing fics I've ever read, NC-17)

Shroud Tag Trilogy by Zats_Clear
(Adria/Daniel/Merlin, G)
(Adria/Daniel/Merlin, Hard R)
Parlay for Flesh
(Adria/Daniel/Merlin, R)

This Was Among My Prayers by Otter
(Jack/Daniel, R)

** If you read any of these stories and enjoy them, please let the author's know since feedback is a fanfic writers candy.

ETA (2/28/2011): Links for ivorygates stories are temporarily unavailable. Once this has changed I will be updating this post with the new links.
Tiger by the Tail (SG-1)

Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a woman of wealth and taste...

My name is kazbaby, I'm a Sagittarius, prefer rainy days and enjoy writing Stargate SG-1 as well as Farscape. While I created this journal some time ago, I completely forgot about making it and the reason for it. So instead of just deleting it I figured I'd turn into something to satisfy my greedy little heart and my need for darkfic. :D

What you are going to find here is a wee bit of an archive for links to Stargate SG-1 darkfic of all types (gen, het, slash). If you happen to know of any darkfic within the SG-1 fandom, and are so inclined as to share the link please post it in a comment to this post with the author, rating and type. Once a week I'll gather up what links have been provided and do one big post and hopefully a great deal of people will benefit from your contributions.

Thank you,